Rwanda/U.S. Curriculum Translation Grade 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th Mathematics Algebra 1 Geometry Algebra 2 Advanced Math (Pre-Calculus or Calculus) Sciences Blend of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Consider: Biology Blend of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Consider: Chemistry Blend of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Consider: Physics Advanced Science History World Geography Country Specific History: Consider […]


Mexico Year 7/8 Mathematics Self-Assessment Self Assessment – Year 8 Decimals Dividing decimal fractions by whole numbers Decimals Dividing numbers by a decimal fraction Fractions Multiplying fractions Fractions Multiplying mixed numbers (mixed numerals) Fractions Finding reciprocals of fractions and mixed numbers (mixed numerals) Fractions Dividing fractions Fractions Dividing mixed numbers (mixed numerals) Rules properties […]

Language Standards

Texas LAS Standards ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines 2012 – Speaking Novice Novice-level speakers can communicate short messages on highly predictable, everyday topics that affect them directly. They do so primarily through the use of isolated words and phrases that have been encountered, memorized, and recalled. Novice-level speakers maybe difficult to understand even by the most sympathetic […]


Guidelines The following are recommended practices for U.S. educators or designees: Review documents for authenticity. This may include ensuring student name and date of birth are consistent throughout all documents. Documents should have a seal, school name, or other identifying information. Official transcripts are not mandatory; however, professional discernment should be utilized when accepting documents […]


Vietnam/U.S. Curriculum Translation Grade 7thIntermediateTrung họccơ sở 8thIntermediateTrung học cơ sở 9thIntermediateTrung học cơ sở 10thUpper Secondarytrung học phổ thông 11thUpper Secondarytrung học phổ thông 12thUpper Secondarytrung học phổ thông MathematicsToanhọc Algebra 1Dạisohọc 1 GeometryHinhhọc Algebra 2Dạisohọc 2 CalculusPhép Tính Advanced Math Mạnh Toanhọc NaturalScience IPC Biology/ Physics/ ChemistrySinhvậthọc Vâtlyhoc Hoáhọc Consider:Biology Biology/ Physics/ ChemistrySinhvậthọc […]


Venezuela/U.S. Curriculum Translation Grade 7thEducaciónBasica 8thPrimer AñoEducaciónBásica 9thSegundo Año Educación Media General/Diversificado 10thTercer Año Educación Media General/Diversificada Bachillerato O Carrera 11thCuarto Año Educación Media ProfesionalBachilleratoO Carrera 12th Quinto Año Educación Media Profesional Mathematics Matemáticas Algebra 1 Geometry Algebra 2 Advanced Math Natural Sciences Ciencias Naturales Biología, Química, Física Biology,Chemistry,Physics Blended Consider:Biology Biology,Chemistry,Physics Blended Consider:Chemistry Biology,Chemistry,Physics […]

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia/U.S. Curriculum Translation Grade 7th2nd YearPreparatory 8th3rd yearPreparatory(Basic Education Certificate Received) 9thSecondary(General) 10thSecondary(General) 11thSecondary(General) 12thSecondary(Technical +1 year) Mathematics Algebra 1 Geometry Algebra 2 Pre-Calculus *Calculus Science Biology Biology/ Chemistry/ Physics Blended Consider: Chemistry Biology/ Chemistry/ Physics Blended Consider: Physics Advanced Science Social and National Studies World History or World Geography National Muslim History Consider: […]

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico/U.S. Curriculum Translation Grade 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th MathematicsMatemáticasMATE Algebra 1 Algebra 1 Geometry Advanced Math ScienceOrder may vary CienciasCIEN Earth Space ScienceCien TerresEspacio BiologyBiología ChemistryQuímica PhysicsFísica Social StudiesEstudios SocialesESSO World History Mundo en Contexto History of Puerto Rico PR Contempo Consider: SPTSS U.S. HistoryE.U. Ame. Form.Des. Tra. Economics/ Government Economía/ Gobierno […]


Philippines/U.S. Curriculum Translation Grade 7th Junior High School 8th Junior High School 9th Junior High School 10th Junior High School 11th Senior High School 12th Senior High School Mathematics Algebra 1 Algebra 2 Geometry Trigonometry Calculus ScienceThe science order may differ, but it will be marked clearly. Biology Chemistry Physics Earth Science Social Studies Araling […]


Pakistan/U.S. Curriculum Translation Grade 7th Middle School VII 8th Middle School VIII 9th Secondary IX Year I 10th Secondary X Year II 11th Higher Secondary XI Year III 12th Higher Secondary XII Year IV Mathematics Algebra 1 Geometry Algebra 2 Statistics ScienceThe science order may differ, but it will be marked clearly. Biology Chemistry/ Physics […]